DIY Soap making KIT

6 design options, ability of quick launch of own designed or licensed product. Ability of multi-use. It’s possible to buy additional soap base, flavor and color and easily change the game.

Set includes:

  • Soap base blocks;
  • 1x  - Mold (4 creative figures) ;
  • 1x - Melting and mixing cup V=150ml (be used water bath / microwave);
  • 3x Stirring sticks;
  • 3x Liquid dye (blue; red; yellow);
  • 2x Liquid flagrance (safe food flavors);
  • Protective gloves;
  • Step by step instruction;


  • EC 2009/48 Safety of Toys Directive
  • Weight of one box 500 g
  • Box size 250*200*70mm
  • Transport box 10 pices
  • Size 400*270*370mm
  • Transport Box Weight 5 kg

DIY soap making kit “Flowers”

kit Contents and Packaging