Freeze Light - Glowing drawing boards

The FREEZE LIGHT light painting set is an unusual toy for 3+ children.

It is a photoluminescent PVC material that quickly accumulates light from an artificial or natural light source and then glows in the dark for up to 30 minutes.


Draw in a dark kit

In the set:

  • One sided light drawing tablet
  • Magic pen
  • Stencil
  • Manual

Execution of a set is possible:

  • A4 format: 210 * 300mm;
  • A5 format: 148 * 210mm;

IMPORTANT! Materials do not contain phosphorus, heavy metals and radioactive components.

The kit complies with EU Directive 2009/48 - "On the Safety of Toys" - and is completely safe for children's creativity.

packing kit: Draw in a dark kit