The main advantages of tablecloths made of material ButtenFilm

  • There are no analogues to competitors;
  • Tablecloth coloring is made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials that are not toxic. Parents can be sure that their children are using a safe product.
  • The tablecloth is made of a special material on which you can draw with felt-tip pens, pencils, markers.
  • Disposable tablecloth: after the drawings have dried, this tablecloth can be used for its intended purpose.
  • The tablecloth is easily divided into 3 parts, but you can leave it long if there are more than 5 children (for kindergartens, family restaurants and other institutions).
  • Individual colorful packaging, in the package 3 pieces 1.1 × 1.2 meters in size;

About ButtenFilm

ButtenFilm is a unique polymer material, also known as “paper polyethylene”. It feels like the material is a bit like parchment paper used in cooking, but it doesn’t let water through, you can write on the material with a ballpoint pen, pencils, wax crayons or felt-tip pens on the same basis! This is difficult to write on ordinary polyethylene !, while it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Translated from the German language “Butten” - hand-made paper, Film - film - equal to “ButtenFilm”.


  • EC 2009/48 Safety of Toys Directive
  • ButtenFilm Polymeric tablecloth
  • Quantity per roll: 3 pcs, separated by perforation
  • Tablecloth size 3600x1100mm (3x 1200x1100mm)
  • Weight of one package 270 g
  • Length 380 mm, Ø 45 mm
  • Transport Box 25 rolls
  • Transport box size: 400*400*190 mm

Tablecloth coloring "Sea animals"

Tablecloth coloring "Car Park"

Tablecloth coloring "Princess"