Who we are?

KidsDo company was found in 2019 as a result of consolidation of Czech production company and distribution company from Russia.

Right now we are developing the following streams:

  • Own production (creative products and scientific experiments)
  • Goods distribution from Russia (logistics, customs, exclusive representation in the EU, quality control, assortment selection)
  • Sourcing (searching for factories in CIS and China for own production and licensed assortment, full production – from design to a product on a shelf)


Our missions

  • Education. We are working to provide children in Europe with access to best games, toys, creative products and scientific experiments.

There is no room for depth and creativeness in modern global world. Counties boundaries and language barriers don’t allow us to share experience with required speed.

We see quite often how not-well known companies or single artists produce unique products which could be helpful and interesting for children all over the world. This kind of companies usually involve experienced teachers in game/toys development. It give the product extra-value.

  • Environment care. We are working on increasing the number of multi-use toys and ways of playing with it. In that case we don’t through the toy on the next day and it stays useful for several years.

Population growth drives problems with garbage and waste recycling problem becomes more and more global. Only in case of raising kids in paradigm of informed consumption we can progress in this process.